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Re: setup.hint documentation issues

On 17/02/2016 14:23, Jon Turney wrote:
On 09/02/2016 17:10, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Feb  9 13:18, Jon Turney wrote:
* 'sdesc' text is mangled in setup.ini (but not the HTML package

In particular, it is forced to start with a capital letter (which
is incorrect when the sdesc starts with a command name which is
properly lower-case, e.g. "dash shell", etc.), and any text up to
and including the first colon is removed, presumably in an effort
to prevent people writing the package name again, (which mangles
perl and ruby module names in the description, e.g. "Ruby
Net::HTTP persistent connection support", ""Perl Math::Int64
distribution", etc.)

I'd suggest this mangling is removed, and sdesc starting
"packagename:" is explicitly reported.

Sounds good, but where is this mangling performed?  Upset?

Yes, upset currently does this mangling.

This mangling is no longer done.

Instead there is an attempt to enforce the rule (from [1]) that, "the package name should not be part of the description", by detecting a sdesc which starts "packagename:" or "packagename -", but this is probably fairly easy to defeat.


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