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Dodgy functions (was: [ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 2.5.0-0.8)

Yaakov Selkowitz writes:
>> Doing that seems to have changed the behaviour of sprintf and now one of
>> the tests involving NaN and the %a format fails.  Ideas?
> Can you be more specific?

I've finally drilled to the bottom of this (on 64bit so far, but the
issues and workarounds are quite likely similar on 32bit).  One part of
the problem was that not all symbols are accessible via the import
libraries libc.a and libm.a (sys_errlst and tzname get recognized
additionally if you look at libcygwin.a) .  The second part of the
problem is that finite and finitel seem to not work correctly.  These
get picked up when I either extract symbols from libm.a, libcygwin.a or
let Configure check for the presence of those symbols with a test
program instead of nm (which picks them up from libcygwin presumably).
Long story short, they seem to report a finite value on at least some
NaN constructs and then the %a format for the Perl sprintf outputs those
bits as a hex FP number rather than just printing "NaN".  On 64bit the
culprit is actually finitel, of course, since Perl gets compiled with
long doubles.

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