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Re: calm messages [x86]

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
> I think, rather than working out what the correct dependencies here
> should be and configuring them manually, particularly for Perl modules
> where the mapping from a Perl module name to the Cygwin package isn't
> always obvious,

That shouldn't happen, but you need to keep in mind that the Cygwin
package is named after the Perl distribution and not the modules these
contain.  You can find out the distribution name via CPAN or metaCPAN
when all you have is a module name.

> I'd like to try to work out what's stopping the
> dependency detection from picking up the dependencies automatically.

If anything, cygport finds too many dependencies, in particular with
Perl and similar scripting languages.  It has no way of knowing if the
invocation of a module is in fact guarded and entirely optional.  But
I'm sure that in a few cases the heuristics that are used might fail the
other way, too.

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