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Re: calm messages [x86]

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 12:40:17PM -0500, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> On 2016-03-18 07:32, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
> >On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 11:37:37AM -0500, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> >>On 2016-03-17 07:42, wrote:
> >>>package 'gitweb' hints changed
> >>>-  'requires': 'bash perl_base ruby git lighttpd',
> >>>?                    ---------------
> >>>+  'requires': 'bash git lighttpd',
> >>
> >>gitweb.cgi is a perl script, so perl and several modules are
> >>definitely required here.
> >
> >On this particular package, I've restored the dependency on ruby that
> >Cygport stopped picking up.  I haven't restored the dependency on
> >perl_base, on the grounds that it's included indirectly via the
> >dependency on git.
> I'd have to look closer, but it may be that ruby is optional (only
> used when 'webrick' is chosen as the web server), but perl is
> definitely not.  Besides keeping direct dependencies clear, I think
> there are some perl modules which need to be required as well.

I don't use gitweb, so I've never really paid attention to the package.
Digging into it now (recording here as much for my own reference and
posterity as for anything else):

- git-instaweb is a bash script; it looks like you could in theory not
  bother with it and start git-web manually, but the documentation is
  sufficiently focussed on git-instaweb, and the overhead of a
  requirement on bash is sufficiently low that I think I want to leave
  that requirement in rather than attempt to remove it.  Plus that's a
  requirement that Cygport is picking up for itself, and I'd rather not
  play with Cygport's magic unnecessarily.

- gitweb requires _a_ web server, but it looks like it'd be equally
  happy with with the Apache httpd as with lighttpd, and possibly other
  things too (webrick? plackup?).  It might be worth removing that
  requirement to let users choose to use Apache's httpd instead.

- It looks like ruby is indeed only required if the server is webrick,
  so I propose removing that as a dependency again.

- gitweb.cgi is indeed a Perl script, and has a bunch of Perl module
  dependencies I've not (yet) worked through to check exactly what those
  dependencies mean in terms of Cygwin packages.

Thus far I've been mostly reliant on Cygport's dependency generation, on
the grounds that it hasn't seemed too far from the mark in the past, and
I'd rather not have to work out by hand what dependencies have changed
every time I package a release.

I think, rather than working out what the correct dependencies here
should be and configuring them manually, particularly for Perl modules
where the mapping from a Perl module name to the Cygwin package isn't
always obvious, I'd like to try to work out what's stopping the
dependency detection from picking up the dependencies automatically.
That feels like a fairly hefty task, though -- I've not dug around much
in the Cygport code in the past, and not at all in the dependency
handling bits of it.

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