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[HEADSUP] orphaned packages soon to be removed

The following packages have been unmaintained for a long time. If anyone is interested in maintaining them, please ITA them soon, otherwise they will be removed from the distro:

ccdoc                                        ORPHANED (Joe Linoff)
cgoban                                       ORPHANED (Teun Burgers)
cramfs                                       ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
distcc                                       ORPHANED (Harold L Hunt II)
gaffitter                                    ORPHANED (Kostya Altukhov)
ioperm                                       ORPHANED (Marcel Telka)
libassuan                                    ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
libksba                                      ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
libtextcat                                   ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
maradns                                      ORPHANED (Steven Monai)
mathomatic                                   ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
mtd                                          ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
nfrotz                                       ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
nfs-server                                   ORPHANED (Sam Robb)
pinentry                                     ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
pth                                          ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
scsh                                         ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
ucspi-tcp                                    ORPHANED (Steven Monai)
wtf                                          ORPHANED (Chris Sutcliffe)
xsri                                         ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)


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