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Re: calm messages [x86]

On 2016-03-17 14:00, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
All good questions!  I spotted and fixed the first already in v2.7.3-2;

This 2.7.3-2 is incorrect on a few counts:

1) if the *only* issue is dependencies (and not the contents of the build itself) then we can fix the setup.hint on sourceware without a new release.

2) it looks like you manually repackaged some but not all of git for this. A release should be a complete build with cygport, not some ad-hoc improvisation.

Because of the latter, I have removed the 2.7.3-2 tarballs from the distro. If you need to make a rebuild to fix packaging issues, please spin a complete 2.7.3-3 build.

the other two I'm not sure what changed -- I've been using the same
Cygport file and haven't done anything to remove those dependencies --
but I'll have a look when I get time to do some more digging, hopefully

Either something changed in the package itself (e.g. executable permissions on scripts?) or its a change in cygport. Either way, let's fix this so that these packages work OOTB.

(BTW, thanks to jturney for this new feature in calm. I hope people will pay attention to these from now on.)


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