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Re: calm messages [x86]

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 11:37:37AM -0500, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> On 2016-03-17 07:42, wrote:
> >package 'git-svn' hints changed
> >-  'requires': 'git perl perl-YAML perl_base subversion-perl',
> >?                                           ----------------
> Missing subversion-perl on your build machine?
> >package 'gitweb' hints changed
> >-  'requires': 'bash perl_base ruby git lighttpd',
> >?                    ---------------
> >+  'requires': 'bash git lighttpd',
> gitweb.cgi is a perl script, so perl and several modules are
> definitely required here.
> >package 'git' hints changed
> >-  'requires': 'bash cygwin libcurl4 libexpat1 libgcc1 libiconv2 libintl8 libopenssl100 perl perl-Error perl-TermReadKey perl_base python zlib0 cygutils less openssh rsync',
> >?               -----
> Why no more bash dependency?

All good questions!  I spotted and fixed the first already in v2.7.3-2;
the other two I'm not sure what changed -- I've been using the same
Cygport file and haven't done anything to remove those dependencies --
but I'll have a look when I get time to do some more digging, hopefully

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