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Re: Process for retiring a subpackage

On 17/03/2016 15:46, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2016-03-17 07:04, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
Per previous discussion on this list, I'm planning on retiring the
separate packaging of Bash completion scripts in the packages I
maintain, and folding the files into the main package.  I can't find any
documentation that'll hold my hand through that process, so can somebody
with the relevant arcane knowledege check my understanding of what's

Taking git-completion as an example, where I'm moving all the contents
from that package into the main git package:

- For the first release that obsoletes git-completion:

   - Create the main git package in such a way that it contains the files
     that would previously have been in git-completion.

   - Create a dummy git-completion package that:



Just leave this in indefinitely.

This is probably better, because:

- For following releases:

   - Continue to create all the packages as normal (excluding

   - Don't bother to create new versions of the git-completion package.

There is a slight additional wrinkle here:

For example, if the empty obsoletion package is git-completion-4.0

The previous, non-empty version git-completion-3.9 still exists.

Further, this will also keep the corresponding git-src-3.9 package in the release.

When you upload git-4.1, you either need to remember to remove git-completion-3.9, which will allow git-src-3.9 will be removed, or create an empty, obsoletion git-completion-4.1 as well.

This is something which should be done automatically, but isn't.

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