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Re: [SECURITY] cygwin32-expat, mingw64-$arch-expat, etc.

On 2016-03-16 15:50, Warren Young wrote:
On Mar 16, 2016, at 2:32 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2016-03-16 14:28, Warren Young wrote:
expat 2.1.1 fixes MEDIUM-rated CVE-2015-1283.  Iâve uploaded the regular
expat 2.1.1 packages, but the cross-development packages maintained by
Yaakov are all at 2.1.0.  Some appear to have 2.1.1 alternate versions available

mingw64-*-expat were updated to 2.1.1 a few days ago already.

Might I ask how you even learned that a newer version was available?  The expat
project doesnât have mailing lists any more.  I was contacted by one of the
upstream maintainers, which seems a bit back-channel to me.


I assume that someone who maintains so many packages has a better way to keep
on top of which packages need to be updated.

Fedora maintains an automated release detection and notification service named Anitya, hosted at If you have a FAS account (which is available to all, not just contributors), you can custom-tailor a message subscription for each of your packages, or (as I do) simply subscribe to all newly detected versions.

Alternatively, the fedmsg bus has a public JSON API; e.g. to see the latest release of expat over the last week:

$ http get \
    delta==604800 \ \
    package==expat rows_per_page==1 \
    | jq '.raw_messages[0].msg.message.project.version'

See for details. (FWIW I just added httpie and jq to the distro.)

In theory, it is possible to add the Cygwin distribution to that Anitya instance and setup a service (possibly on sourceware?) which processes the fedmsg bus to send email notifications, but I simply don't have time to set that up right now.


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