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Re: [ITP] procps-ng

On 2016-03-16 15:18, Wayne Porter wrote:
Since I sent this package incorrectly the first time, I have
repackaged it as procps-ng (it's correct name). The current stable
build in debian is listed as 3.3.9, so that is the one that I ported.
Please let me know if there is anything I'm leaving out or doing

Haven't tested the operation yet, but just looking at the build itself:

* This needs to be broken up into procps-ng, libprocps3, and libprocps-devel packages.

* Along those lines, procps-ng needs to OBSOLETES procps (which also means the first upload of this package needs to be coordinated with someone with full sourceware access).

* kill.exe and ps.exe conflict with commands of the same name in the 'cygwin' package. In procps, these are renamed to prockill.exe and procps.exe.

* Your .cygport is missing HOMEPAGE, the SRC_URI is incorrect, and DESCRIPTION has very long lines and improperly nested quotation marks. The package is also built in $S instead of $B, resulting in a very dirty .src.patch.

Please fix these and repost.


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