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Re: [ITP] procps-ng

On Mar 16, 2016, at 2:18 PM, Wayne Porter <> wrote:
> It contains free, kill, pkill, pgrep, pmap, ps, pwdx, slabtop, sysctl,
> tload, top, uptime, vmstat, w, and watchâ

Is the intention for this to replace the current procps package, or to be an alternative?

If the latter, that leaves us wanting a way in setup.hint to indicate that two packages conflict, else you can have the implementation ping-ponging between the two depending on which one is most recently updated, if you have both installed.

> $ tar xvf procps-ng-3.3.9-1.tar.xz
> â
> usr/bin/slabtop.exe

That should be left out.  It doesnât do anything on Cygwin.

> usr/bin/tload.exe

That doesnât seem to do anything.  I just get zeroes.

> usr/bin/w.exe

Thatâs not showing my login.  Iâm not sure if itâs useful on Cygwin.

> usr/include/
> usr/include/proc/
> usr/include/proc/alloc.h
> usr/include/proc/devname.h
> usr/include/proc/escape.h
> usr/include/proc/procps.h
> usr/include/proc/pwcache.h
> usr/include/proc/readproc.h
> usr/include/proc/sig.h
> usr/include/proc/slab.h
> usr/include/proc/sysinfo.h
> usr/include/proc/version.h
> usr/include/proc/wchan.h
> usr/include/proc/whattime.h
> usr/lib/
> usr/lib/libprocps.a
> usr/lib/libprocps.dll.a
> usr/lib/pkgconfig/
> usr/lib/pkgconfig/libprocps.pc

All of this should be separated out into procps-ng-devel and libprocps-ng1 packages.

See the attached expat.cygport file for an example.

> usr/sbin/sysctl.exe

What is that supposed to do on Cygwin, exactly?

All I know is that sysctl -a spammed my terminal. :)

Other than that, good job!  The only item above that is an absolute blocker for a GTG from me is the devel packaging stuff.

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