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Re: [ITP] libSBML-5.12.0-core and moose-3.0.2

Hi Marco, Achim,
  Thanks for your quick feedback.

On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 11:51 AM, Marco Atzeri <> wrote:
> On 03/03/2016 17:32, Subhasis Ray wrote:
>> I created working cygport files for both:
> [cut]
> as attachment was better
The contributors guide explicitly says setup.hint should be part of
the text rather than attachment in the mail. I guess the instructions
are outdated.

> you should provide access to your packages for peer review.

Am I expected to upload only the files in the dist directory generated
by cygport? I uploaded them here:
I am not sure if these are the correct files. In particular the
libSBML-libSBML-libSBML.tar.xz filename seems odd, though its contents
seem correct. Is this expected?

> libSBML-core is in debian, so it is fine for general acceptance
> But I am not sure about Moose, can you provide data about any Linux
> main distribution already packaging it ?
> I see a Moose perl framework that I assume is not the same.

Yes, this is different and is not part of any linux distribution yet.

> Any reason why there is a specific source package for cygwin ?
> It is a bit unusual.

The reason is the main package builds with Make/CMake and I could not
get that to work on cygwin, possibly due to includes and libs path
issues, where works. I had created this branch specifically
for cygwin, but things have been merged since. So I just changed the
url to point to master.

The files generated in dist directory by cygport are here:

Thanks for your help,

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