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Re: [ITP] Inetutils 1.9.4

Hi Achim,

Achim Gratz wrote:
D. Boland writes:
These tools are provided separately in many Linux distros for quite
some time, and while those tools can be started by inetd, inetd
doesn't require them and they don't require inetd (xinetd is perfectly
capable of replacing inetd).
I don't see why this makes sense. The ping, hostname, whois and tftp
programs *do* belong to the inetutils package, right? But if you
insist, i'll comply.

They don't necessarily belong there and haven't for quite some time if
you look at a reasonably modern Linux distribution (mine is openSUSE

rpm -qf /usr/lib/git/git-subtree
rpm -qf `which hostname`
rpm -qf `which ping`
rpm -qf `which tftp`

whois isn't even installed on my box and most registrars wouldn't
deliver data for it anyway.

What if you are a registrar ;-)

- usr/bin/traceroute is non-functional:

    $ traceroute.exe
    traceroute to (, 64 hops max
    traceroute: socket: Operation not permitted
That's because you're not in Administrator mode. Ping (from Atzeri's
package) does the same. The error message ultimately comes from the
'sendto' function, which is in cygwin1.dll

Maybe it should be in sbin/ like all the other stuff that needs
administrator privileges, then?

Definitely. Maybe add /sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/sbin to the path of the
user who installs Cygwin? Most Linux systems do that.


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