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Re: Questions on package adoption conventions

On 30/10/2015 22:48, Mark Geisert wrote:
Q1: Does a new maintainer typically put out a new package version upon
take-over, or can he/she run with the existing version number and just
keep bumping the build number (e.g. for bug fixes)?

As needed.
If you are not changing the upstream source just bump the cygwin revision

Q2: Does the location hosting a test build for external review have to
be the same location used to host final builds?

Test build are reviewed.
Final package are uploaded by each maintainer on

Q3: What kind of external access is typically used for hosting final
builds?  I've run a micro-ISP that allowed on-request FTP access, by IP
address, to customers, but have not needed to run anonymous FTP to this
point.  What about SSH/SFTP?  Is there such a thing as anonymous SFTP?
Does HTTP and/or HTTPS access need to be provided?

Upload instructions:

Detailed suggestions for that last question would be welcomed.  I'd like
to make it least-hassle for reviewers and whatever a source install of
my packages would require, but still keep the hosting machine as secured
as can be managed.


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