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Re: Attn gawk and man-db maintainers: 3am pages shadowing 3p

On Oct 23, 2015, at 1:18 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> On Linux, 'man readdir' gets you readdir(2) (the kernel system call),
> which promptly states:
>    This is not the function you are interested in.  Look at readdir(3)
>    for the POSIX conforming C library interface.

Interesting, but irrelevant, since Cygwin doesnât have that collision.

Also, not all of the pages mentioned have such a collision on Linux.  opendir and fnmatch, for two.

I donât think Cygwin needs to replicate every Linux imperfection.  Itâs okay if it manages to improve on some things, occasionally. :)

> I see nothing to fix in either package.

Would moving 3p in front of 3 be such a horrible change?

I mean, how often does someone want the gawk module pages anyway, as compared to the POSIX pages they shadow?

I expect 3 is in front of 3p for Linux because Linux has a separate set of non-POSIX pages.  But Cygwin doesnât, and isnât likely to, so 3p should be preferred.

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