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setup.hint spelling/typo fixes

I fixed on various spelling errors or typos in setup.hint:

Please update your local copy

JA: apngdis: invividual -> individual
YS: artikulate : pronounciation -> pronunciation
YS: autoconf2.1: creattes -> creates
JY: binutils: assember -> assembler
MA: catdoc: charachers -> characters
MA: ccolamd: contrained -> constrained
JA: code2html: ource -> source
JA: dhttpd: webserser -> webserver
YS: flite: syntesis -> synthesis
JA: fossil: ther -> their
YS: giflib: utilties -> utilities
YS: gnu-free-fonts: compatability -> compatibility
YS: gob2: intentionaly -> intentionally
YS: gt: utilties -> utilities, supportes -> supports
JA: gt5: appened -> happened, ercentage -> percentage, sing -> using
YS: gvfs: availible -> available
YS: ibus-m17n: Mulitlingual -> Multilingual
CV: ipc-utils: maintainance -> maintenance
JA: joe: immitation -> imitation, allowes -> allows
YS: kde-dev-utils: utilties -> utilities
YS: kf5-kdeclarative: intergrate -> integrate
YS: libLASi: accomodates -> accommodates
VZ: libmng: examing -> examining
YS: libnice: Interactice -> Interactive
YS: libproxy: consistant -> consistent
YS: libwps0.3: procesors -> processors
YS: libxfce4ui: amoung -> among
YS: libxklavier: indended -> intended
JA: links: nlike -> unlike
JA: lzop: terrabyte -> terabyte
JA: nttcp: transfered -> transferred
MA: octave-cgi: Gatway -> Gateway
MA: octave-mechanics: lassical -> Classical
MA: octave-struct: aAdditional -> Additional
MA: onig: Onigurama -> Oniguruma
YS: pcmanfm: extremly -> extremely
AG: perl-TimeDate: formating -> formatting
YS: qimageblitz: interm -> interim
YS: qwt5: scientifical -> scientific
JA: sic: extremly -> extremely
JA: signify: umber -> number, uotes -> quotes, ndependently -> independently
YS: spice-gtk: utilitzed -> utilized
JA: splitpatch: desireable -> desirable, smilar -> similar
MA: tesseract-ocr-por: Brasilian Potuguese -> Brazilian Portuguese
MA: tesseract-training-por: ditto
JA: tnef: por' -> port, auhentication -> authentication
YS: trayer: enviroments -> environments
YS: unifont: utilties -> utilities
DR: which: execuatbles -> executables
YS: wv: utilties -> utilities
MA: xdelta: lagacy -> legacy, prestine-tar -> pristine-tar

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