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Re: upset, genini: different version ordering

On Oct  9 14:24, Jon Turney wrote:
> On 20/07/2015 19:10, Jon TURNEY wrote:
> >On 20/07/2015 19:03, Achim Gratz wrote:
> >>I've just found that upset and genini will order versions differently.
> >>For perl-Carp, genini produces:
> [...]
> >If I recall correctly, genini is just broken, doing some kind of lexical
> >sort which e.g. sorts 1.10 before 1.9.
> Something which seems to be missing from this discussion is how Cygwin
> version numbers are supposed to be sorted.
> This needs to be simple, documented (and ideally, similar to other package
> managers), so that package maintainers can easily anticipate how their
> package versions are going to be ordered, but [1] seems silent on this
> subject, apart from describing it as 'intuitive'
> Here's a list of existing package versions ordered by upset, which I think
> sort differently in setup:
> x86:
> makeself 2.1.5+20120813+gitdcbe778-1 < 2.1.5-3
> tcl-itcl 3.4b1-1                     < 3.4.1-1
> tidy     20090325-1                  < 041206-1
> wput     0.6.2+git20130413-2         < 0.6.2-1
> x86_64:
> bzr      2.6.0+bzr6602-1 < 2.6.0-2 < 2.6b2-1
> cgdb     0.6.7+20150214+git3a710f9-1 < 0.6.7-1
> The result for tidy is particularly unexpected, and looking at the date of
> the package files, just wrong. (This appears to be due to upset truncating
> numeric parts to 4 digits!)
> I don't really want to spend effort on unravelling the complexities of the
> sorting that upset does, since I don't think it's worth keeping, and we
> should switch to a scheme which can be described in a paragraph,
> e.g. the scheme used by setup and RPM:
> Compare contiguous chunks of digits or non-digits.
> Non-digit chunks sort before digit chunks.
> Digit chunks sort numerically, non-digit chunks sort lexicographically.
> The version with a suffix remaining is the greater

Sounds right to me.  If we can make the version handling equivalent to
RPM's, it would be really helpful, I think.


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