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setup.exe not logging on Windows 10 with MS accounts

In another thread [1] I discovered that setup.exe hasnât logged anything to /var/log/setup.log since November 2014, despite running it occasionally during that time.

I have ruled out permission problems, since I can write to that file as both a normal user and from an admin shell.  The latter should mimic the permissions setup.exe has while running under UAC, which is enabled on this box.

I later removed the setup.log files, and they werenât re-created.

I thought the problem was that setup.exe doesnât enable the logger when running elevated permissions (, line 290), but Achim Gratz dug deeper and says it should relaunch itself again and then enable the logger.

Achim Gratz noted that my default permissions may be weird because I am running with a Microsoft Account rather than a local one.

I have no particular need to run a MS account, I just took the default it pushed me into, since I upgraded this VM to Windows 10 to test Windows 10.  Might as well use it with its defaults as much as possible, yes?  No point testing a new OS if Iâm just going to turn off everything thatâs new about it.


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