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Re: [PATCH setup 0/3] Setup replacement for incver_ifdep

Jon Turney writes:
>> I still don't think the triggers should be implemented or at least not
>> in the way you've been proposing.
> Can you explain the reason why?

Triggers need to be coordinated among packages and we currently don't
have an infrastructure for that.  And implementing just a single trigger
for info files is special-casing this thing too much.

> I think that's more or less what I implemented.

I'm talking about doing it with a perpetual postinstall script.

>> But it would be possible to just add /
>> remove the corresponding entries with a bit more bookkeeping.  I'll try
>> something of that, but not immediately.
> I guess that list of matching files added/removed could be written
> into or associated with the trigger file, but the benefit starts to
> look a bit marginal, (especially as this is not intended as a general
> solution, but only for use with _update-info-dir, and other future
> package-to-package triggers are written directly in the packages
> themselves)

Again, I don't see why updating the info dir should be so special, it
can be done in postinstall without getting special-cased in setup:

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