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Re: [PATCH setup 0/3] Setup replacement for incver_ifdep

On 12/10/2015 18:38, Achim Gratz wrote:
Jon Turney writes:
On 22/09/2015 16:52, Jon Turney wrote:
As for your patches, I think that the first two (getting rid of the
regex engine and the incomplete implementation of autodep: lines) are
non-controversial and should be applied.

Ok, thanks.

I still don't think the triggers should be implemented or at least not
in the way you've been proposing.

Can you explain the reason why?

I've meanwhile looked a bit deeper on what it would take to update the
info dir using perpetual scripts and it seems it is about the same
effort as the incremental autorebase.  The easiest path would be to keep
the script the same as it is now and just check if a package with info
files got installed or removed.

I think that's more or less what I implemented.

But it would be possible to just add /
remove the corresponding entries with a bit more bookkeeping.  I'll try
something of that, but not immediately.

I guess that list of matching files added/removed could be written into or associated with the trigger file, but the benefit starts to look a bit marginal, (especially as this is not intended as a general solution, but only for use with _update-info-dir, and other future package-to-package triggers are written directly in the packages themselves)

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