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Re: Reproducible Builds

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 3:33 AM, Stephen John Smoogen <> wrote:
> To make a reproducible build requires being able to completely control
> the environment that the system is built in. Timestamps, random
> numbers used for hashes etc all have to be prechosen and known. I
> don't know how much of that is outside of the control of the Cygwin
> build environment because the Windows system has its own ways of
> choosing such things.

Maybe we can try to use Wine. We've work on cygwin/msys2
support for a few month and we are very interesting in feedback from
real world users ;-) With Wine (Staging) 1.7.52 + Cygwin we can
bootstrap Cygwin runtime itself. Wine could be consistent among
different users even they are using different version of Linux
distribution, while different users might not be easy to use same
Windows version due to License problems and so on. With some hack, I
believe those timestamps/random number things could also be controlled
in Wine.

Not sure if that information really help you, but if you need any more
info about Wine Cygwin support feel free to ask me ^^

Have a good day :)

(Achim, I sent you a private email since I guessed not a lot people
will be interesting in my reply, but after reading Stephen's post I
decided to send again, sorry for duplicate post Achim)

Qian Hong


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