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Re: setup

Achim Gratz writes:
> I've just found out that MD5 checksums get parsed OK, but wind up as
> solid zeros in the package database in setup.  I have no idea how this
> is even possible, since the exact same code works just fine for SHA512
> checksums.  I didn't check yet if this actually works in the release
> version of setup.  An extra pair of eyeballs would be appreciated.  I
> don't see how my changes could be responsible and I was sure I'd checked
> it beforeâ :-(

Found it, I feel stupid nowâ

> Also, I want to clean up the parser code a bit and fix a very old
> formatting bug found while debugging the problem with the MD5 checksums.

In preparation.

> Another thing: it seems that the SHA512 digest is checked for existence
> by checking that the first byte is non-zero.  Is that actually a
> guarantee that the SHA2 standard makes or is it just very unlikely to
> encounter 0x00 as the first byte?

If the SHA512 checksum is all zeros in the package DB it doesn't get
checked, which is actually the reason I didn't catch the error earlier.
Have to fix that also.

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