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Re: [ITP] znc 1.6.0

Alexey Sokolov writes:
> Hm, I'm not sure why autoreconf would do this (works for me though), but
> autoreconf is not required for ZNC anyway, as release tarballs already
> have ./configure script.

It's generally frowned upon to use this from the tarball if you can't
re-produce it at the build machine.   Of course you don't need to use
the one delivered in the tarball if you can solve the first problem.

> So, for protection against possible broken autoreconfs I'll add such
> src_compile to znc.cygport.

As David said, please try to make autoreconf work or at least try to
understand why it doesn't.  If you could add a cygcheck to the build
script we might be able to see better what is and is not installed in
your case.

> contains all the patches and build
> scripts. On push, build on AppVeyor is triggered, it spawns 2 Windows
> VMs. On one VM it installs fresh Cygwin x86, and on another one it
> installs fresh Cygwin x86_64.
> Step by step procedure is defined in
> contains logs how znc-1.6.0-3.i686 is built.

Uh.  You definitely need to prune the path in Cygwin to get rid of all
the Windows nonsense.  Try setting CYGWIN_NOWINPATH as an environment
variable in Windows.

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