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Re: missing 64bit ports (xdelta3 vs xdelta and pristine-tar)

jari writes:
> This is the command that fails (from debugging pristine-tar):
> xdelta delta -0 --pristine /tmp/pristine-tar.joIgDIVU9F/recreatetarball /tmp/pristine-tar.9DVOtZUF7E/origtarball /tmp/pristine-tar.9DVOtZUF7E/deltaxdel
> So, the option missing from xdelta3 is:
>   --pristine
> From xdelta(1) man page:
>    -p, --pristine
>        Disable the automatic decompression of gzipped inputs, to
>        prevent unexpected differences in the re-compressed content.

Please note that pristine-tar is orphaned/dead upstream since about a
year and both the issue of it still using the xdelta1 syntax and some
other bugs are unlikely to be fixed until someone shows up to maintain

The option above may no longer be needed with xdelta3, since from
reading the manpage it seems it no longer automatically decompresses
its input.  But there are likely other incompatibilities.

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