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Re: [ADOPT] iperf 2.0.8

On 7/14/2015 10:27 AM, Joel Johnson wrote:
On 2015-07-13 19:31, Joel Johnson wrote:

I've put together an update for iperf, with no significant changes
needed. I've done some consolidation into just the cygport file, and
removed the override of src_compile as there were no special
requirements and how it was neglected to do the cygautoreconf update step.

I've also bumped to version 2.0.5. There is a fork (sourceforge project
iperf2 instead of iperf) with releases to 2.0.8, but I'm not comfortable
uploading that since one of the changelog entries is an incompatible
change ("Require -u for UDP (-b no longer defaults to UDP)"). I'll
follow-up with an ITP for iperf3 which I recommend having as a separate
package (named iperf3 following Debian naming) since it isn't strictly

     Source change history:


build fine. Have you tested it?
on 64 bit I see

 $ iperf -s -D

$ 1 [main] iperf 5396 fork: child -1 - forked process 9264 died unexpectedly, retry 0, exit code 0xC0000005, errno 11

and 32bit strace...

--- Process 8552, exception 80000001 at 73006661

As I'm new to cygwin packaging, I have a few questions (coming from a
Debian slant):

     A) Is there a standard location for accessing source history of
package files? I've put them on a github for the time being, is there a
more appropriate location? I couldn't seem to find anything consistent
for other packages.

no common source area for the time being.
Mine are on github also.

     B) What is the convention for line-wrapping on the ldesc in
setup.hint, wrap or long lines?

both works.

     C) There doesn't seem to be a way in the path structure to have the
x86 binary, x86_64 binary, and a shared source file, or am I missing


     D) When using setup.hint generation from the X.cygport file values,
is there a way to specificy prev/current/test versions if needed?

There was a discussion, but I don't remind the outcome.

     E) Is the CYGWIN-PATCHES/README strictly required? There was one
present previously, but I removed it since it didn't seem to add
anything of value and was another file to track.

It is now optional.

One issue that I did run into was in trying to use cygport to
cross-compile from a x86 installation for a x86_64 target. I installed
cygwin64, assuming that was in support of doing just that. It appeared
to work until the actual compilation failing a lookup for rpl_malloc.
Disabling the AC_FUNC_MALLOC check allowed it to succeed. Should the
upload include a patch to disable that check, or is there some other
package that I should have installed to make it work. I ended up doing a
lean new 64-bit installation and the build went cleanly (as provided
above), so it appears to be just a cross-compilation issue.

No idea.

Thanks for review and feedback!


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