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Re: setup : request

Marco Atzeri writes:
> as you are playing with setup,
> can you add a switch that allow to commute between:
> old     behaviour : current or test is default installed
> current behaviour : if installed is higher than current do nothing

I plan a patch that installs exactly what is requested, including doing
all necessary downgrades.  I already have a local patch that installs
only those things that are requested and deletes anything else it finds,
but it doesn't do downgrades yet, see:

> The new behaviour is usually fine, but going back and forth
> between all new perl test stuff is a pain when I need to remove
> the 5.22 stuff.

You can use the sed trick that I posted for going from RC2 to the
release version.  As long as setup is convinced that the version on disk
is older than the one that you're going to install, everything will be

> I have no enough disk space to install 4 versions
> x86 vs X86_64 + perl 5.14 vs 5.22

Actually you could install both Perls and just switch the link from
/bin/perl.exe accordingly, I'd think.  To do this, you'd either need to
install the one set of packages by hand or remove the corresponding
entries in install.db before flying in the second set.  The problem is
of course that the dependency extraction in cygport will become
confused, so that probably doesn't help as much as you'd wish it did.

Another trick I once used is to install Cygwin into a virtual disk file
(.vhd), mount that one read-only and put the differences into an overlay
image.  As long as the base image stays the same you can have two
different overlays.  I think you need a Pro version of WIndows to do
this, though.

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