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Re: setup

On Jul  2 23:03, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > (*) This puzzles me a bit.  You're keeping arrays and lists in terms of
> > the file suffix (setup_ext, setup_ext_list), but you don't use the
> > information here and elsewhere.
> THat vector is a relatively late addition to the code when the rest was
> already using literals as before.  It's something that I want to clean
> up, but not necessarily right now.  As you noted, I'd probably need to
> use a more structured data type.
> > I'd prefer /* */ for multiline comments, but that's used pretty
> > inconsistently anyway, so, never mind.
> If you insistâ but setup is C++ and not C anyway.

Not so much insisting, just a wish.

> > The existing code is inconsistently formatted, but for new code it would
> > be nice if we could try to be more consistent.  Always prepend a space
> > to a left parenthesis, please.
> I'll check that.
> > Sorry if that's a lot.  It just occured to me while reading your code.
> > I'm not adamant about the structural change I outlined above, but to
> > me it seems better to do it that way.  What do you think?
> It will just have to wait a bit, I think.  But yes, these are all good
> suggestions.

Cool.  If you want to check in the current state (plus formatting
tweaks), feel free.  It would just be nice if you would consider
to make the structural changes at one point.


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