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Re: Obsolete dependency report, 2015-May-15

On 5/15/2015 9:03 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
Since the last report, we've had three new obsoletions that haven't been
fully resolved yet: icu[1], poppler, and python3.

Thank you to all those that have stepped up or returned to (re)maintain
packages; this allowed for the removal of several obsolete libraries.
We are now down to just three packages which are subject to removal from
the distro if they are not updated in the next couple weeks.

amanda[2]                                    Mark OâKeefe
brltty[2]                                    ORPHANED (Samuel Thibault)
grub[2]                                      ORPHANED (Christian Franke)
khronos-opengl-registry                      Jon Turney
lyx                                          Marco Atzeri
mosh                                         ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
nmh                                          David Levine
octave                                       Marco Atzeri
octave-communications                        Marco Atzeri
python3-h5py                                 Chris LeBlanc
R                                            Marco Atzeri
singular                                     Yue Ren/Marco Atzeri
sng[3]                                       Andrew Schulman
texlive                                      Ken Brown
tin                                          Corinna Vinschen

[1] All the WebKit implementations depend on ICU; there are currently
four of them, and they are all *HUGE*.
[2] subject to removal from the distribution

The master list is kept at:

This page is set for moderated changes, so feel free to strikethrough
your package from the list once its uploaded.



I am uploading the dependencies of singular now and testing Yue's last
monolithic proposal. If it passes the test as expected I will also upload both archs during weekend.

Question: as I plan to readjust the package structure it will enough to move the old directories on sourceware

singular-base   : replaced by singular
singular-help   : will remain
singular-icons  : obsoleted
singular-share  : obsoleted
singular-surf   : replaced by surf (that is a stand alone package)

under the singular directory ?
Anything else to not upset "upset" ?

About the other packages:

- I do not consider not using the last hdf5 library a critical issue.
Upstream is bumping SONAME too many times for my appreciation,
HDF5-1.8.15 bumped again to libhdf5_10. Two bumps in the raw for a
minor version release (gr...)

- Octave is on 4.0.0-rc4 so a new package will arrive soon,
  but I will need to update all octave-forge subpackages.
  And it will take a while.

- I will look on R and Lyx but time will be short in the coming weeks.


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