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Re: [setup] patches

On Feb 16 20:34, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > Sounds good to me.  However, I don't understand it.  I expected that it
> > writens the changelog entry automatically to the ChangeLog file, but it
> > doesn't.  I just tested it in a local branch.  I added this:
> >
> >> >   [merge "merge-changelog"]
> >> > 	  name = GNU-style ChangeLog merge driver
> >> > 	  driver = git-merge-changelog %O %A %B
> >
> > to my .gitconfig file.  Then I commited something.  The ChangeLog file
> > didn't change.  Nothing changed, actually.
> No, the git-merge-changelog driver just solves the problem of the merge
> conflicts that arise from trying to commit from different branches that
> all have their own version of the ChangeLog file.

Uh, that's not much of a problem, afaics.  Or maybe I'm just not used
to work with (lots of) branches.

> > Uh.  But then again, how *do* I automate writing a ChangeLog entry?
> > Also, the git log messages are crippled, all text is printed in a single
> > line.
> Uh, what?  You need to keep a blank line between the (brief) commit
> message and any ChangeLog lines,

That's a rule?  In theory the subject line is totally useless for a
ChangeLog entry, but if that's required, ok, fine.

> the first line and any following
> (wrapped) lines will be the single-line commit message.

Yuck!  Who had the terrible idea to fold all commit lines into a single
line?  Why bother to write detailed log message at all if it gets this
messy and unreadable?

> > Yes.
> >
> >> you don't need
> >> gitlog-to-changelog.
> >
> > I'm rather confused now.  So I don't need git-merge-changelog for
> > automation and I don't need gitlog-to-changelog if I keep the ChangeLog
> > logs.  If I don't need any one of them, what *do* I need?
> You need one _or_ the other, but not both.  You want to keep the
> ChangeLog file, so you don't auto-extract from the git commit messages,
> but install the merge driver.

Still confused.  I want to keep the ChangeLog file *and* automate
creating the entries in the file from the git log message, preferredly
nicely formatted, not that weird one line log.  It seems
gitlog-to-changelog can create such entries:

$ gitlog-to-changelog --strip-tab --no-cluster --strip-cherry-pick --append-dot --format='%n%b%n' --strip-cherry-pick -- -n 1
2015-02-16  Achim Gratz  <...>

	* (setup-src): Create file list for archive from
	git-ls-files instead of cvs and create an XZ compressed archive.

The question is, can this be automated so that a commit automatically
adds the entry to the ChangeLog file and commit the ChangeLog file at 
the same time?  Or is there some problem with that approach?


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