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Re: HEADSUP: Packages with obsolete dependencies

2015-02-11 06:14 Yaakov Selkowitz
| Package maintainers,
| I just cleared out a huge number of obsolete and stale packages.  More
| remain, but the following packages currently depend on one or more
| obsolete libraries (including the recently-obsoleted libpng15 and
| libgd2):
| aalib                                        Dr. Volker Zell
| abook                                        Jari Aalto
| apngasm                                      Jari Aalto
| aria2                                        ORPHANED (Kostya Altukhov)
| asymptote                                    Ken Brown
| autotrace                                    Marco Atzeri/Dr. Volker Zell
| aview                                        Jari Aalto
| bmp2png                                      Jari Aalto
| brltty                                       ORPHANED (Samuel Thibault)
| bvi                                          Jari Aalto
| cdargs                                       Jari Aalto
| cgdb                                         Jari Aalto
| clamav                                       ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
| clisp                                        ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
| cscope                                       Jari Aalto
| ctris                                        ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
| ddd                                          Jon Turney
| emacs                                        Ken Brown
| fltk                                         Teun Burgers
| ghostscript                                  Dr. Volker Zell
| gl2ps                                        Marco Atzeri
| gnugo                                        Teun Burgers
| gnupg                                        Marco Atzeri
| gnuplot                                      Dr. Volker Zell
| GraphicsMagick                               Marco Atzeri
| guile                                        Jan Nieuwenhuizen
| hexedit                                      ORPHANED (Chris Sutcliffe)
| hp2xx                                        Dr. Volker Zell
| icoutils                                     David Stacey
| ImageMagick                                  Marco Atzeri
| iselect                                      Jari Aalto
| joe                                          Jari Aalto
| lcms                                         Dr. Volker Zell
| leptonica                                    Marco Atzeri
| less                                         ORPHANED
| libAfterImage                                ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
| libggi2                                      Peter Rosin
| libkate                                      David Rothenberger
| libwmf                                       Dr. Volker Zell
| lilypond                                     Jan Nieuwenhuizen
| ming                                         Dr. Volker Zell
| mscgen                                       Michael McTernan
| naim                                         ORPHANED (Jonathan C. Allen)
| ncftp                                        Jari Aalto
| nettle                                       Dr. Volker Zell
| nfrotz                                       ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
| ngspice                                      Marco Atzeri
| ninvaders                                    David Stacey
| nmh                                          David Levine
| nrss                                         Jari Aalto
| octave                                       Marco Atzeri
| octave-communications                        Marco Atzeri
| optipng                                      Jari Aalto
| orpie                                        Andrew Schulman
| parrot                                       ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
| pdftk                                        David Rothenberger
| ploticus                                     Andrew Schulman
| plotutils                                    Marco Atzeri
| pngquant                                     Jari Aalto
| ppl                                          Achim Gratz
| proftpd                                      ORPHANED (Jason Tishler)
| pstoedit                                     Dr. Volker Zell
| python-h5py                                  Chris LeBlanc
| python3-h5py                                 Chris LeBlanc
| qiv                                          Jari Aalto
| R                                            Marco Atzeri
| rakudo                                       ORPHANED (Reini Urban)
| robots                                       Corinna Vinschen
| shed                                         Jari Aalto
| singular-surf                                Yue Ren (Frank Seelisch)
| sng                                          Andrew Schulman
| steghide                                     Jari Aalto
| sudoku                                       Jari Aalto
| suite3270                                    Peter A. Castro
| syslog-ng                                    Corinna Vinschen
| tack                                         ORPHANED (Charles Wilson)
| tcsh                                         Corinna Vinschen
| ted                                          Dr. Volker Zell
| texlive                                      Ken Brown
| transfig                                     Dr. Volker Zell
| typespeed                                    ORPHANED (Lapo Luchini)
| vfu                                          Jari Aalto
| wcd                                          Jari Aalto
| xfig                                         Dr. Volker Zell
| xloadimage                                   David Stacey
| XmHTML                                       Dr. Volker Zell
| zsh                                          Peter A. Castro
| I am tracking progress here, which also contains further details:

These have now been uploaded:

abook       libncursesw10
apngasm     libpng16
aview       libncursesw102
bmp2png     libpng16
bvi         libncursesw10
cdargs      libncursesw10
cgdb        libncursesw10
cscope      libncursesw10
iselect     libncursesw10
joe         libncursesw10
ncftp       libncursesw10
nrss        libexpat1
optipng     libpng16
pngquant    libpng16
qiv         libpng16
shed        libncursesw10
steghide    libjpeg8
sudoku      libncursesw10
vfu         libncursesw10
wcd         libunistring2


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