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Re: perl-5.14.4

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Where?  rebase.c calls ReBaseImage64, which is
> a) a Windows function in imagehlp.dll and
> b) the function name of a function in the imagebase library, implemented
>    in
> We're going path b.  The core of imagebase's implementation of
> ReBaseImage64 is the call to LinkedObjectFile::performRelocation (line
> 123 in imagehelper/, which in turn calls
> Relocations::relocate in imagehelper/  This function
> performs the actual relocation.

OK, I hadn't realized there were two implementations.

>> that doesn't seem to allow
>> individual sections to be skipped.  The code you pointed at seems just
>> to be checking if any sections need additional fixups.
> Well, it's the code doing the actual relocation.  The outer for-loop
> jumps from relocation block to relocation block.  Line 391
>   Section *cursec = sections->find(va);
> computes the actual section the relocation block is pointing to.
> Then it checks if it points to a valid section and if not it bails
> out.  Otherwise it loops over the relocation entries in the block
> and performas the actual relocation.
> The idea is to add something along the lines of
>   if (cursec && !strncmp (cursec->getName (), ".debug_", 7))
>     continue;

I'll try later.  Let's see what happens.

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