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Re: [HEADSUP] Moving setup sources to git

On 09/02/2015 19:46, Achim Gratz wrote:
Frank Fesevur writes:
README says I need various mingw libs. But if IIRC mingw is not
recommended anymore. I have installed mingw64 and the mingw64 variants
of those libs. But there is no mingw64 variant of liblzma. I've
installed all 5 packages containing "liblzma", but configure seems to
be unable to find it.

Do I still need the original mingw to compile setup or is the README outdated?

I still carry the README patch below locally since it was not accepted
the last time around and it will likely need a few changes to be
up-to-date with today's reality.  For instance libgetopt++ is now
included in the tree, while I'd have preferred if it was a subtree or
submodule, which is more closely in line with the state it had in CVS.

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
------------------------------------ README ------------------------------------
index b1586de..0499c6c 100644
@@ -3,33 +3,39 @@ for the Cygwin net releases.

  Setup should build out-of-the-box on any Cygwin environment that has all the
  required packages installed:
-  - mingw-gcc-g++
    - make
-  - mingw-bzip2
-  - mingw-libgcrypt-devel
-  - mingw-liblzma-devel
-  - mingw-zlib
-  - and all packages that are dependencies of the above, i.e.  gcc-mingw-core,
-    mingw-runtime, binutils, w*api, etc.
+  - mingw64-gcc-g++
+  - mingw64-bzip2
+  - mingw64-libgcrypt
+  - mingw64-xz
+  - mingw64-zlib
+  - and all packages that are dependencies of the above

I'm not sure these are actually package names since they are missing the arch?

    - upx (optional)

  The following additional packages are required if building from CVS, not from
  a source tarball, or if you want to make changes to the build system.
    - recent autoconf
    - recent automake
    - recent libtool
    - flex
    - bison

+Additionally, libgetopt++ (also available from the cygwin-apps CVS at must be available directly as a subdirectory
+libgetopt++ within the setup source directory.  It should be
+automatically populated by CVS, but if you are using tools like
+CVSgrab, you may need to fetch this yourself.

This doesn't make sense anymore.

  Build commands:
  1) Configure using this option
     $ /path/to/setup/
-   This will automatically rebuild configure files and run configure in the
-   current directory.
+   This will automatically rebuild configure files and run configure
+   in the current directory.  The current directory must be outside
+   the source tree.

This isn't true.

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