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Re: perl-5.14.4

Achim Gratz writes:
> If this sounds like a good idea to everybody else I'd remove the current
> test package for 5.18.4 on 32bit and replace it with another test
> package for 5.14.4, likely in about two weeks.

Major progress: the cygport file starts to look sane.  I've ripped out
the rebase changes in EU::MM and replaced them with an oblivious rebase,
which is the first time I could compile and test on 32bit without manual
intervention.  That might even be acceptable upstreamâ and it's small
enough to carry it forward for a while.  I also grabbed a change from
Yaakov to not fix the base address of the perl DLL so that cygport
doesn't complain about not having used auto-image-base anymore.

Cygport still complains about a site_perl instance that it fixes to
vendor_perl during install.  Unless anybody knows what this is about
I'll have to investigate that cygport isn't trying to be too clever
here.  I also have to clean up the patches some more, especially those
dealing with documentation.  But all in all it looks like things are
pretty much on track for a test release in about two weeks at the

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