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Re: cmake update needed

On Thu, 2015-02-05 at 21:41 -0800, Tony Kelman wrote:
> > Do you have any specific questions?
> 2.8.9-perl-libs.patch AIUI changes PERL_POSSIBLE_LIBRARY_NAMES from
> being set to "perl{PERL_VERSION_STRING} perl" only when the command
> `${PERL_EXECUTABLE} -V:libperl` fails, to appending those values any
> time PERL_EXECUTABLE is found. Is that command expected to fail in some
> circumstances where one would be building a perl library? Or is the
> problem that cmake find_library has trouble with the cyg* library prefix?

IIRC the latter.

> 2.8.12-gui-qt4, 2.8.12-opengl, 2.8.12-ruby, and 2.8.12-tclsh look pretty
> straightforward and worth upstreaming. Should I assume you have not yet
> tried to do so?


> #-cygwin.patch, which I had to rebase a few times to apply to the latest
> release, does multiple things (good sign it should have been split into
> multiple patches):
> First, it disables case-insensitive matching. I see that there are some
> non-default/experimental ways of running Cygwin in case sensitive mode,
> but that is a runtime configuration. Most users are probably running with
> case-insensitive default NTFS. If this change fixes more issues than it
> causes I can take your word on it, but this would be hard to convince
> upstream about. Is case sensitive matching really the right build-time
> behavior to choose for Cygwin's cmake package?

Yes, cmake should leave that to Cygwin to handle.  There are (or have
been) a few cases where a package bundles a cmake module with the same
name as a builtin one but with different case and different contents.
With case sensitivity on (as I do), the correct module should be chosen.

> Second, it corrects some /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/meminfo, etc special-casing
> of Cygwin where using the same code as Linux should work. Makes sense,
> I'll split this out so it can be discussed on its own w/upstream.
> Lastly, it's disabling handling of Windows paths, and conversion from
> Cygwin paths to Windows paths. It does look like PathCygwinToWin32 could
> go away if the only place it's used in FileExists is changed to just use
> access(). Upstream might find this and the change to FileIsFullPath
> debatable though, since a use case for a decent number of people is
> running cmake within Cygwin to drive non-Cygwin compilers. Should we
> really ignore this use case?

Corinna has already explained this.


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