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Re: Setup patch to keep test version if test version installed

On Feb  5 22:57, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Oh, and while you are so deep in the bowels of setup.exe, would it be
> possible to somehow fake a pty to shell scripts and a console to cmd so
> that the scripts run by setup.exe produce their output in line-buffered
> instead of fully buffered mode?

Er... uh... *cough*... PTC?

For Cygwin processes this would require to duplicate lots of the pty
code from Cygwin to Setup.  For native commands it might be enough to
play with the process creation flags in the call to CreateProcess, but
that might lead to a flickering taskbar entry for a hidden console.

The other problem is that the stdio handles are redirected to a file
and thus, even if you have a console or pty, the output from the command
will use fully buffered mode.

The only way around that, afaics, is some sort of global setting (env
var?) for the buffering mode which is honored by native processes and
which may be read by the Cygwin DLL as well to enforce line buffering.
But I'm not aware such a setting exists.


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