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Re: cmake update needed

Given our past experience[1][2] in working with upstream, anyone who
maintains a working cmake is going to have to carry patches long-term,
if not permanently.

[2] and

Yes, those took a while, but they were resolved eventually.

All these patches are the result of years of real-world usage of cmake,
and there will likely be more patches required in the future.  I can't
tell you off the top of my head which packages require each of these
changes, but I can tell you why they are necessary (and a few of them
should be quite obvious).

That would help. Someone else is welcome to maintain the package without
asking any questions, but if I'm going to do it I'd like to know what
those patches are for. I have your git history, but your commit messages
are not particularly enlightening. I'm asking for failure cases, links
to bug reports or previous postings, or similar. I don't think that's an
unreasonable request, is it? I'll put the patches back and rebuild, but
I'd like to understand them first.


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