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Re: cmake update needed

On Wed, 2015-02-04 at 12:45 -0800, Tony Kelman wrote:
> > Bill promised several time to update cmake, but it seems clear to
> > me that is has no the time to take care of it.
> > It will be better to officially declare the package orphan so another
> > volunteer can take it.
> Happy to adopt it. I have some builds of latest 3.1.1 sitting around
> that I can send to the list later today. Note that I have temporarily
> removed all of the patches from cygwin-ports since none of them were
> necessary to build, or changed the results of any of cmake's unit tests.
> I'll definitely put any of them back if I can get a reproducible test
> case report, to pursue with upstream for adding new cases to their unit
> tests.

Obviously the patches to the modules won't affect the build of cmake
itself, but they do affect the building of other packages using cmake.
These patches were all added over years of testing and usage, and are
required for a useful cmake package.


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