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Re: cmake update needed

Happy to adopt it. I have some builds of latest 3.1.1 sitting around
that I can send to the list later today. Note that I have temporarily
removed all of the patches from cygwin-ports since none of them were
necessary to build, or changed the results of any of cmake's unit
tests. I'll definitely put any of them back if I can get a
reproducible test case report, to pursue with upstream for adding new
cases to their unit tests.

wget --no-check-certificate --no-host-directories \
--force-directories --cut-dirs=2 \
${BASEURL}/i686/cmake-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/i686/cmake-3.1.1-1-src.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/i686/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/i686/cmake-debuginfo/cmake-debuginfo-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/i686/cmake-debuginfo/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/i686/cmake-doc/cmake-doc-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/i686/cmake-doc/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/i686/cmake-gui/cmake-gui-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/i686/cmake-gui/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/i686/emacs-cmake/emacs-cmake-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/i686/emacs-cmake/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/cmake-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/cmake-3.1.1-1-src.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/cmake-debuginfo/cmake-debuginfo-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/cmake-debuginfo/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/cmake-doc/cmake-doc-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/cmake-doc/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/cmake-gui/cmake-gui-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/cmake-gui/setup.hint \
${BASEURL}/x86_64/emacs-cmake/emacs-cmake-3.1.1-1.tar.xz \


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