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[ITP] ssh-pageant 1.4

Dear all

I would like to package ssh-pageant and propose it for inclusion in
Cygwin. The small tool acts like an ssh-agent, but instead of storing
its own keys, it is connecting to the PuTTY Pageant tool. This way the
very useful Pageant tool can be used from Cygwin and no separate
ssh-agent is required.

ssh-pageant being developed specifically for Cygwin/MSYS it is
naturally not included in Linux distros.

My proposed setup.hint:

category: Net
sdesc: "SSH agent for Cygwin/MSYS that links to PuTTY's Pageant"
ldesc: "ssh-pageant is a tiny tool for Windows that allows you to use SSH
keys from PuTTY's Pageant in Cygwin and MSYS shell environments.
You can use ssh-pageant to automate SSH connections from those shells, which is
useful for services built on top of SSH, like SFTP file transfers or pushing to
secure git repositories.
ssh-pageant works like ssh-agent, except that it leaves the key storage to
PuTTY's Pageant. It sets up an authentication socket and prints the environment
variables, which allows OpenSSH connections to use it."

The package build successfully and everything works for me.

The package files are available for inspection from:

Once I get the required GTG's, I will upload the package.

Kind regards


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