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Re: readline package rename question

On Jan 26 21:28, Eric Blake wrote:
> I'm attempting to upload a new version of readline 6.3.  However, the
> 32-bit version named the devel package 'readline' 6.1 (the
> release/readline/setup.hint describes a direct package for headers and
> such, and release/readline/libreadline7/setup.hint describes the dlls),
> while the 64-bit version 6.2 (still sitting at the version built by
> Yaakov when 64-bit first came out) chose a different layout
> (release/readline/setup.hint contains only 'skip:',
> release/readline/libreadline7/setup.hint is identical, and
> release/readline/libreadline-devel/setup.hint contains the headers and
> such).
> I'd like to unify the naming, and like the idea of libreadline-devel
> (instead of plain 'readline').  For 64-bit, this is easy - just stick
> with the naming we've always used.  But for 32-bit, it means I'd want
> the existing name of 'readline' to use 'requires: libreadline-devel' so
> that people get the upgraded package.  How do I do that?  Do I have
> release/readline/setup.hint contain just 'skip:' as in 64-bit, and then
> add release/_obsolete/readline/setup.hint that has the right 'requires:
> libreadline-devel', or does that throw off upset to have two different
> locations containing a setup.hint for readline?

Sounds dangerous.  What about this.  Remove the oldest readline-6.0.3-2
entirely.  Rebuild readline-6.1.2 as readline-6.1.2-4, which takes over
the layout of the 64 bit version.  Set its setup.hint to requires
libreadline-devel.  Then add the new readline package with the new
layout as test package.  That should cover all bases.


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