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Re: cygport improvements: upload, fish, src_prep_fini_hook

On Jan 17 18:25, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> > You're right, this isn't pretty. :-(  Any progress since then?
> OK, here's what I've worked out.
> If SSH_KEY is set (in the environment, or in ~/.cygport.conf), then cygport will
> load that key into an ssh-agent if necessary.  

Minor nit:  SSH_KEY as env var is so generic and easily confused with
the variables set by ssh-agent.  Wouldn't something with CYGPORT in its
name be better?  CYGPORT_SSH_KEY?

> * If no ssh-agent is running, cygport will start one and load the key, then kill
> the agent when the upload is done.
> * If an ssh-agent is running but the key isn't already loaded into it, cygport
> will load the key, then unload it again when the upload is done.
> In either of the above cases, ssh-add will prompt for a passphrase if needed
> when it loads the key.  So in this case, the user will be prompted for a
> passphrase if and only if one is needed.  Hooray.
> If SSH_KEY is not set, then it's just too hard to figure out what key ssh will
> use.  To figure that out, we'd have to reproduce a bunch of logic in ssh,
> including parsing the ssh config file, and that's not going to happen.  So, in
> this case we just give up and give lftp the connect string
> s, which will cause it to prompt for a passphrase every
> time.

This puzzles me a bit.  Even if an ssh-agent is running?  Does lftp
utilize a running ssh-agent?


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