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Re: [ITA] _autorebase

On 1/14/2015 10:40 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jan  7 17:09, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Reini?  Jason?

Three weeks without reply is a long time... :}

Any input?

On Dec 17 19:05, Achim Gratz wrote:
Corinna Vinschen writes:
That should be fine, given the rather short list of affected maintainers:

   octave   Marco Atzeri
   perl     Reini Urban/Achim Gratz ?!?
   php      Yaakov Selkowitz
   python   Jason Tishler/Yaakov Selkowitz
   R        Marco Atzeri
   ruby     Yaakov Selkowitz

As for perl, are you still with us Reini?  As for python, Jason, you're
still around?

If Reini is still waiting for his machines to arrive or if some of the
old packages need work, I can do the packaging.  I'd just need help with
the upload, I guess.

Reini appears to have gone AWOL.  That's really a pity but not much we
can do about it.  Achim, care to take over?

Marco, Yaakov, Jason, could we please go forward?  It's just a very simple
package tweak, it seems.

No problem to any repackage, but I have not really understood
what is required for Octave and R.

I would love to have Achim's new autorebase stuff in place really soon now.


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