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Re: cygport improvements: upload, fish, src_prep_fini_hook

On Jan  5 05:43, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> > You're right, this isn't pretty. :-(  Any progress since then?
> Well, I had a good idea: set up a shared (ControlMaster) ssh connection first,
> in order to get the authentication out of the way, then have the sftp batch step
> use the shared connection.
> Unfortunately it seems that that idea isn't going to work, because although I
> didn't know it at first, ssh shared connections don't work in Cygwin.  (Unless
> something has changed - no answer yet to
> .)

Lots of stuff accumulated during vacation...

The problem is, SSH connection sharing is implemented using local socket
descriptor passing, which we don't have, sorry.

> Other possible ideas:
> * Write an expect script to look for a password prompt, pass it on to the user
> if it comes, otherwise go on with the batch sftp.
> * Start sftp as a bash coproc, and write bash code to look for the password
> prompt in the output.  I tried this a bit but again it seems that sftp
> suppresses the password prompt if it detects that its stdin isn't coming from a
> TTY.

What about trying to enforce a tty?

  sftp ... -o RequestTTY=force

[...time passes...]

No, that doesn't work.

> Even if those ideas can be made to work, none of them is clearly better than the
> one I described before.  All add complexity and depend on screen scraping.
> It's vexing that it's so hard to find a solution to such a simple problem:
> prompt the user for a password if and only if one is needed.

Indeed.  Here's another crazy idea.

- Look if ssh-agent is running (SSH_AGENT_PID non-empty?)
- If not, start ssh-agent and ssh-add.  This asks for the passphrase,
  if any.
- run sftp
- If the script started ssh-agent, run eval $(ssh-agent -k)


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