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Re: cygport improvements: upload, fish, src_prep_fini_hook

> You're right, this isn't pretty. :-(  Any progress since then?

Well, I had a good idea: set up a shared (ControlMaster) ssh connection first,
in order to get the authentication out of the way, then have the sftp batch step
use the shared connection.

Unfortunately it seems that that idea isn't going to work, because although I
didn't know it at first, ssh shared connections don't work in Cygwin.  (Unless
something has changed - no answer yet to .)

Other possible ideas:

* Write an expect script to look for a password prompt, pass it on to the user
if it comes, otherwise go on with the batch sftp.

* Start sftp as a bash coproc, and write bash code to look for the password
prompt in the output.  I tried this a bit but again it seems that sftp
suppresses the password prompt if it detects that its stdin isn't coming from a

Even if those ideas can be made to work, none of them is clearly better than the
one I described before.  All add complexity and depend on screen scraping.

It's vexing that it's so hard to find a solution to such a simple problem:
prompt the user for a password if and only if one is needed.

If none of that seems worth the extra work, then I guess the fallback is to use

  lftp s

so that the user will always be prompted for a password, whether one is needed
or not.  Personally I would hate that, because I always have a running ssh-agent
exactly so that I don't have to answer password prompts all the time.  But it
would work.


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