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Re: [ITP] postfix 2.11.3

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Nov 21 22:37, Christian Franke wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Would you mind helping to test the new csih helper script?  I tested
most of it I hope, but there are so many nooks and crannies, I'm sure
I'm missing something.

I attached the current incarnation of the script, as well as the patch
for further inspection.

As a reward for your help, the new script also comes with a
csih_create_local_group function which sets the following global



I will test the new version of the postfix-config script with the new csih
Cool, thanks.  If you see a problem, I wouldn't be averse to patches ;)

Attached. The new create_local_group function suffers from a few attacks of the block-copy-devil ;)

A new version of the postfix-config script using the new csih script is here:

No further issues in the csih script found so far.

There is a minor issue in the passwd tool which should be documented:
passwd USER requires the Windows user name, but passwd -R USER requires the Cygwin user name.

Without -R, there is some attempt to convert Cygwin->Windows, but it fails:

# passwd foo+bar
Windows username : bar
New password: ...
Re-enter new password: ...
passwd: unknown user foo+bar
Try again.

# passwd bar
Password changed.

# passwd -R bar
Storing password failed: No such file or directory

# passwd -R foo+bar


---	2014-11-20 15:36:33.818694400 +0100
+++	2014-11-23 19:10:30.935432100 +0100
@@ -3133,7 +3133,6 @@ csih_create_local_group()
   local group="$1"
   local map_entry
   local grp_exists=no
-  local dos_var_empty=
@@ -3147,17 +3146,16 @@ csih_create_local_group()
     # give auto-answer a chance to veto
     if csih_request "new local group '${group}'?"
-      dos_var_empty=$(/usr/bin/cygpath -w ${LOCALSTATEDIR}/empty)
       csih_call_winsys32 net localgroup "${group}" \
 		/add >/dev/null 2>&1 && grp_exists=yes
       if [ "${grp_exists}" != "yes" ]
-	csih_warning "Creating the user '${group}' failed!"
+	csih_warning "Creating the group '${group}' failed!"
 	# If we use /etc account DB only, write new group to /etc/group
 	if csih_use_file_etc group
-	  /usr/bin/mkgroup -l -u "${group}" >> "${SYSCONFDIR}/passwd"
+	  /usr/bin/mkgroup -l -g "${group}" >> "${SYSCONFDIR}/group"

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