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Re: [ITA] Procmail 3.22

On Aug 15 17:53, D. Boland wrote:
> Hi Corinna,
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > 
> > Works for me.  Did you forget the `prep' stage?
> > 
> >   $ cygport procmail.cygport prep
> >   >>> Preparing procmail-3.22-13.x86_64
> >   *** Info: gnupg must be installed in order to check signatures.
> >   >>> Unpacking source procmail-3.22.tar.gz
> >   *** Info: applying patch procmail.patch:
> >   patching file Makefile
> >   patching file Makefile.1
> >   patching file config.h
> >   patching file src/Makefile.0
> >   patching file src/autoconf
> >   patching file src/cstdio.c
> >   patching file src/foldinfo.c
> >   patching file src/includes.h
> >   patching file src/formisc.h
> >   >>> Preparing working source directory
> >   $ cygport procmail.cygport compile
> >   [...]
> > 
> I forgot the prep stage.
> I re-made the binary package and its source package with cygport (nice
> program btw):
> I had to cheat a little (see 'src_compile' in .cygport file) because
> the source has to be compiled with a library, called 'suexec'. In
> there are the function overrides to make 'multi-root' and suid/guid
> possible.
> To make the Procmail and Sendmail packages completely 'clean' I would
> like to ITP this library as a new package.

Definitely.  If a library is a prerequisite for the package, you should
ITP it before we upload any dependent package.  If the build is ok, it's
more or less preapproved if it's GTG.

I'm just a bit puzzled.  Isn't suexec an application, and isn't it part
of apache, usually?  Also, since when is procmail dependent on suexec?
It isn't on Fedora and they certainly use almost all of procmail's

Oh, and while I was looking I found this:  The original procmail 3.22
sources are not IPv6-enabled.  Would you mind to add the Fedora patch(*)
for that, too?



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Red Hat

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