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Re: [ITA] Procmail 3.22

Hi Corinna,

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Works for me.  Did you forget the `prep' stage?
>   $ cygport procmail.cygport prep
>   >>> Preparing procmail-3.22-13.x86_64
>   *** Info: gnupg must be installed in order to check signatures.
>   >>> Unpacking source procmail-3.22.tar.gz
>   *** Info: applying patch procmail.patch:
>   patching file Makefile
>   patching file Makefile.1
>   patching file config.h
>   patching file src/Makefile.0
>   patching file src/autoconf
>   patching file src/cstdio.c
>   patching file src/foldinfo.c
>   patching file src/includes.h
>   patching file src/formisc.h
>   >>> Preparing working source directory
>   $ cygport procmail.cygport compile
>   [...]

I forgot the prep stage.

I re-made the binary package and its source package with cygport (nice program btw):

I had to cheat a little (see 'src_compile' in .cygport file) because the source has
to be compiled with a library, called 'suexec'. In there are the function overrides
to make 'multi-root' and suid/guid possible.

To make the Procmail and Sendmail packages completely 'clean' I would like to ITP
this library as a new package.


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