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Re: [ITA] Procmail 3.22

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> On Aug 14 21:05, D. Boland wrote:
> > Hi group,
> >
> > I intend to adopt the Cygwin package for the procmail program, version 3.22. The
> > original maintainer, Jason Tishler has given me permission to do so.
> >
> > The difference with previous Cygwin releases is that the procmail program has been
> > made 'multiple root' aware and suid/guid, provided that it is started by a
> > privileged user. This was needed to make procmail work together with Sendmail, which
> > I intend to package (see next post).
> >
> > sdesc: "Mail processing program"
> > ldesc: "The procmail program is used by Red Hat Linux for all local mail
> >  delivery. In addition to just delivering mail, procmail can be used
> >  for automatic filtering, presorting, and other mail handling jobs.
> >  Procmail is also the basis for the SmartList mailing list processor."
> > category: Mail
> > requires: bash cygwin
> > version: 3.22-11
> "version" is not a valid tag in setup.hint.  Also, the 64 bit release is
> already at version 3.22-13, so your version shoud bump to a higher
> release number.

Got it. I'm working on the 32-bit version first. How do I cross-compile?

> >
> New packages are supposed to use cygport packaging.  Please see my
> former 64 bit procmail package procmail-3.22-13-src.tar.bz2, it's
> already using cygport.
> > Note: after making from source, use 'make install-suid' and make to
> > install.
> These steps should be part of the src_install() function in the
> cygport file.

I was testing your 64-bit release, but I got errors:

$ cygport procmail.cygport compile
>>> Compiling procmail-3.22-13.i686
/usr/share/cygport/lib/syntax.cygpart: regel 136:
No such file or directory


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