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Re: cygwin-pkg-maint maintance

On Thu, 2014-08-14 at 19:55 +0200, Achim Gratz wrote:
> I've looked at the file today.  It seems that perl_vendor has been
> removed, but not all Perl distributions that were bundled are listed.
> I'll prepare a list of those over the weekend.

perl_vendor was a subpackage of the perl source package (it does not
have its own -src), so this is correct.  All perl-* packages currently
in either arch should be listed; if not, PTC.

As for whatever other perl module packages that need to be added in
order to replace perl_vendor, those will be added when we have an
approved update or ITA for them.

> Given the purpose of the file and that it's meant to be consumed by
> scripts, how about switching to something more easily parseable like
> JSON or YAML (much like Perl does)?  That would enable to incorporate
> more meta-information for each package which could easily be generated
> by cygport.

This is a package ownership database, not a package information
database.  What additional information do you think would be useful


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