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Re: cygwin-pkg-maint maintance

On 2014-08-10 15:33, Marco Atzeri wrote:
I was looking at the needed maintenance of cygwin-pkg-maint,
crossing the data of x86 setup.ini with cygwin-pkg-maint
and I found 2 main classes of mismatch plus a minor one

Thanks for taking the time to look into this!

1) missing packages.
Package that are in x86 setup.ini but not reported in cygwin-pkg-maint
at any level.
Nor the package, nor the source package and neither the first
subdirectory of x86/release is reported in the file;
I estimated the maintainer from the mailing list to be:

PACKAGE                 SOURCE_PKG              MAINTAINER

cloog-isl               cloog-isl               Achim Gratz
db4.5                   db4.5                   Dr. Volker Zell
db4.8                   db4.8                   Dr. Volker Zell
db4.8-doc               db4.8                   Dr. Volker Zell
font-misc-ethiopic      font-misc-ethiopic      Jon Turney
glib1.2                 glib1.2                 Yaakov Selkowitz
gtk1.2                  gtk1.2                  OBSOLETE (Yaakov Selkowitz)
gtk1.2-engines          gtk1.2-engines          OBSOLETE (Yaakov Selkowitz)

The new upload mechanism doesn't seem to handle OBSOLETE well, so these two should be in my name without qualification in case I need to update them in the future.

html2ps                 html2ps                 Yaakov Selkowitz
isl                     isl                     Achim Gratz
libart_lgpl_2           libart_lgpl_2           Yaakov Selkowitz
libaudio-devel          nas                     Yaakov Selkowitz
libaudio2               nas                     Yaakov Selkowitz
libcloog-isl-devel      cloog-isl               Achim Gratz
libcloog-isl-doc        cloog-isl               Achim Gratz
libcloog-isl4           cloog-isl               Achim Gratz
libedit                 libedit                 Corinna Vinschen
libedit-devel           libedit                 Corinna Vinschen
libedit0                libedit                 Corinna Vinschen
libisl-devel            isl                     Achim Gratz
libisl-doc              isl                     Achim Gratz
libisl10                isl                     Achim Gratz
libzzip-devel           zziplib                 Yaakov Selkowitz
libzzip0.13             zziplib                 Yaakov Selkowitz
mesa-demos              mesa-demos              Yaakov Selkowitz
nas                     nas                     Yaakov Selkowitz
nc                      nc                      Corinna Vinschen
printproto              printproto              OBSOLETE (Yaakov Selkowitz)
pwget                   pwget                   Jari Aalto
xhtml2ps                html2ps                 Yaakov Selkowitz
xlsx2csv                xlsx2csv                Jari Aalto
zziplib                 zziplib                 Yaakov Selkowitz

The source packages should definitely be added; the subpackages depends on your last question.

2) packages that are in cygwin-pkg-maint but not in setup.ini (nor x86
or x86_64 ones)

most are OBSOLETE but not clearly defined as such, like
db2, db3.1, .. of Volker
libqhull, liblapack of mine

Do you have a complete list?

3) typos
     libgck1-ddoc -> libgck1-doc
     libzziplib-devel -> libzzip-devel

Yes, these are obvious fixes.

Question before I start to modify cygwin-pkg-maint:

Does still make sense to report all binary packages in
the cygwin-pkg-maint files ?
Should we cluster them at source package or directory level as accepted
by the upload procedure ?
Specially for the dll libraries the name are continuously bumped, and
we will be always behind. At first glance we are missing ~ 200
packages; so roughly 8% of all the binary packages (~ 2700).
The active source packages are ~ 1400 and they change much
less frequently (ITP, ITA, orphanage and obsolescence)
so a better accuracy is possible.

I've actually been thinking along the same lines. AFAICS, the new upload mechanism doesn't care about subpackage listings so long as the source package is listed (provided, of course, that the standard directory layout is used).

Therefore, the only "benefit" to having subpackages listed would be purely informative, but as you point out, 1) right now it's behind, 2) it's high maintenance for little gain, plus 3) a single person must anyway maintain an entire package with all its subpackages, and 4) nor does it actually indicate which subpackages map to which source packages.

So I am all in favour of making this a source-only list, in line with other distro package maintainer "databases".

Marco, if you're interested, please go ahead and add the missing *source* packages and fix those typos, but please hold off on removing anything until we hear from Corinna.



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